Buyers Guide

Buying a home is more than mortgages and lawyer signings– it’s about endless possibilities. Your next place is where you’ll make memories and call home at the end of the day. Whether your next house is where you call home or an investment piece, I’m here to provide information to get you from pre-approval to receiving the keys.


The first step in your home buying process has never been more crucial than ever. Early pre-approval gives all buyers an advantage in the market.

Share your home-owning goals with your trusted financial advisor to see the mortgage rates that best suit you.

Contact me

After your pre-approval, I’d love to set a meeting with you to discuss all things home. I want to hear what you plan to do with your future home, from the backyard to the ideal neighbourhood. Finding you the right home you’ll love for years to come is my top priority. Fill out the Home Finder form to get started.

Make an Offer

Once we’ve narrowed down the options I’ve presented to you, I’m here to guide you on placing an offer. With years of negotiating experience, I bring in the best price for you. The paperwork I draw up includes the amount you’re offering, a deposit, end date, and closing day.

Mortgage Approval

A pre-approval expedites your approved loan. Your lender requires additional documentation including income statements, real estate listings, your offer, lawyer information, and more.

Lawyer Signing

After negotiations are finalized, your lawyer pays the seller on your behalf and registers all land titles to you and the municipal government.

Need a lawyer? I know several professional real estate lawyers who can make the process seamless, just say the word!

Moving Day

Before closing day, I ensure all your conditions have been met. If the inspection isn’t up to par, I’ll work it out with the seller’s REALTOR® on your behalf. In the meantime, I’ll cover other important aspects such as moving arrangements and property insurance with you. Once everything’s completed, you’re ready for your keys and the start of the next chapter of your life! Congrats!


Purchasing a home can come with unexpected bumps in the road but with a trusted team of professionals, you’ll barely notice those bumps. Keeping you updated with everything is my priority, and if you have any more burning questions, I am always happy to answer them.