Sellers Guide

Saying goodbye to a place you’ve spent so much time with is never easy. The entire process can be stressful, wondering what offers you will receive and when. As a professional with years of experience, I’ve gotten my clients the best prices and promise you exceptional results as well. I’ll handle listings, marketing, and negotiations so the only thing you have to worry about is which box you’ll be packing your dishes in.


With hundreds of successful negotiations in my repertoire, I can answer any questions you have. I ensure your paperwork is in order, provide an estimation of your home, negotiate, and so much more. It’s my goal to make your experience as smooth and transparent as possible.

Consult a Lawyer

Proper legal advice saves you from any future misunderstandings. It’s essential you speak with one before signing anything. If you’d like a referral, there are several real estate lawyers I know and trust will get the job done perfectly for you.

Home Evaluation

Finding the optimal price for your home is an art I’ve mastered time and again. I’ll accurately assess your home for the best value to get you top dollar while attracting buyers.

Presentation Matters

Make your home look as good as you feel. Repair any small imperfections and fixtures–prospects can easily fixate on the small things. By fixing up your home, it can increase the value. To truly help your home stand out on the block, my network of stagers will bring out the best in it.

Customized Marketing Campaign

To get you top-performing results, I have a customized marketing plan that fits your goals. To get your home noticed throughout the city and get deals falling through the door, you can expect a strategic marketing plan.

Offers and Negotiations

Your home will fetch quite a few offers, sometimes not up to expectations. For these stressful moments, I negotiate for the top dollar until it meets your terms.


If the buyer places conditions with the offer, I’ll handle the details and ensure a waiver is signed and your sale is firm until closing day.

Real Property Report (RPR)

Sellers are legally required to show an RPR, as per municipal guidelines. I can tell you how to get and interpret the documents.

Transfer of Ownership

Once the offer’s sealed, set up an appointment with your lawyer to complete the transaction. They’re responsible for the successful transfer of title of your property to the new buyer. Closing costs, mortgage payout, and property titles are also involved. As one of the final steps, I’ll tell you how to handle utilities, house insurance, property tax, and other services.

Possession day

The final step in the selling journey! If both parties are satisfied with the conditions, it’s removed from the offer and the seller will receive the keys to your old home. Both parties are released from their legal obligations.


Selling a home requires multiple steps, with each one more imposing. But you don’t have to do it alone. With me by your side, I handle all the stressful tasks to ensure a smooth ordeal.